Hilliker Letter March 2019

Hello from the Hillikers,


Spring Greetings!


As one practices Spanish, funny (and at times, embarrassing) moments are bound to occur. Here is a fun anecdote from our adventures learning Spanish. 


When we first arrived in Guanajuato, Erin didn’t talk much outside of school or the house because speaking Spanish with new people felt daunting. And, getting the words out correctly sometimes seemed painful to the listeners. Recently, we were having coffee with a couple from our church, and he shared that when we first met, he thought Erin was possibly mute or didn’t have an ability to speak!! We thank the Lord for the improvements we’ve been able to make during our time here.


In the attached letter we mention an upcoming missions trip to Cabo. There is still some space available to join the team. The dates are June 7-14, 2019. We will be doing work projects at the clinic, diabetes information classes at night, and three medical outreaches. Volunteers with all abilities and skills are welcome. Let us know if you are interested and we can send an information sheet with more details.


Wayne and Erin

Mexican Medical Ministries