Hilliker Letter October 2018

Greetings from Guanajuato,


We hope this letter finds you well! Learning Spanish can be fun, yet challenging. We thought we would share a few nuggets from our learning for your fun, too! 


There are many words that sound very similar in Spanish and English, and in fact mean the same thing. These are called cognates. Some examples are words such as actor (actor), culture (cultura), and opinion (opinión). Easy, right? Until you start making cognates of words that have a totally different meaning. For example, arm is not arma, that means gun, deception is not decepción, that means disappointment, and sin is not sin, in Spanish it means without. Big differences! It’s been fun to laugh at our rookie mistakes.


We’re so grateful for grace and patience from our instructors and friends. We are grateful for each one of you as well! Thank you for your continued prayers.


Wayne and Erin

Mexican Medical Ministries