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April 2016 Newsletter

San Felipe – In early March, I was afforded the honor of joining a team of 19 Americans from California and 19 Mexicans from Tijuana who traveled together to San Felipe to offer health fairs in two different communities. (San Felipe is located on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja about 5 hours south of the border.) In each location we partnered with several churches already existing there to bring free medical and spiritual care to the poor. We offered all levels of dental care (including one surgery), doctor consults, medicine, foot care, haircuts, reading glasses, blood pressure and sugar level checks. All these services gave us an opportunity to offer spiritual care through sharing the gospel and praying for both adults and children in a variety of venues. Between both days there were 111 adults receiving Jesus for the first time. We are praying for the pastors and their churches as they follow up with these new believers.