Dentist Dr. Miller joined us in early November for his 14th trip to La Esperanza. He was accompanied by assistants Alia Lynn and Amanda Krajsa. Dentist Dra. Bonnie Barajas with Mexican Medical also joined the team. Dave and Lynne Johnson brought the mobile dental unit and Amy Fuller kept the team fed.

We saw 82 total patients in Camp Vergel, Paseo de San Quintín, and at the clinic. Dr. Miller fixed a woman’s front teeth. She never used to smile because she was self-conscious, but she was all smiles after she saw her new teeth in the mirror. An older indigenous woman, Paula, mother of ten, came through and was missing some of her teeth in front. She had a dark spot on one of her remaining front teeth, and she was so grateful to have the spot polished away. It was a simple procedure, but it brought her so much joy.

Andrea, who comes to our Saturday Bible Club, had heard that we had dentists coming, so she told her grandfather to take her to the clinic so we could look at her tooth. She came late in the day and our schedule was full, but I didn’t have the heart to turn her away. She came back later and we were able to fit her in. The tooth had to come out. I held her hand while she received her injections. She was so brave and still happy afterwards, giving Dr. Miller a hug.

At one point, we realized her grandfather was no longer waiting in the truck. He had gone into our church for service. Apparently, this man had been the assistant pastor to Buky’s father, Rafael, many years ago, but problems came up in his life and he left the church. So, it was so sweet to see this man attend church for the first time in a long time because of his granddaughter’s persistence to see the dentist.

While the dentists were working during the week, Maurilio and his wife Refugio were spending time in evangelism with the patients. Twelve patients received Christ that week and 3 rededicated their lives. Buky and Cris spent time ministering to the kids at each location with a Bible story and craft.