March 2016


The Potential of Film Ministry

Last summer, we went back to migrant camp Camp Vergel weekly to show Christian films, pray for people, and give out Bibles. One night at film, Buky was approached by a man named Andrés who had once been a disciple of Buky’s father, Rafael. Andrés was a migrant farm worker from Oaxaca who had come to know the Lord many years ago through film ministry at Camp Pulgas (“Camp of the Fleas”). After he came to know the Lord, he was sad that he had to go back to Oaxaca, but Rafael told him that he shouldn’t be sad because he was going to go back to preach the Gospel. One night, Andrés came to Rafael and insisted on being baptized before he left for Oaxaca the next day. So, Rafael went out to the beach that night to baptize him.
When Andrés arrived in Oaxaca, he began to share the Gospel with his family and then, over time, he shared with people in his community. Andrés came back to Baja later and testified of how he had received death threats for preaching the Gospel. Despite these threats, Andrés persevered, and now there is a church in his community.
Some nights at film ministry can be discouraging when we don’t see anyone go forward to receive prayer, but hearing the testimony of Andrés encourages us to continue because we never know when we will have another person like Andrés come to film ministry that God will use to bring change to his community.