It was so wonderful to be working again with Dr. Robles – who started with us back in 2006, but has not been able to help us much since his move to La Paz in 2007. Also it was great to be in this church – they were so ready and able to counsel people. It was a very special weekend!

We really enjoy putting on these Community Health Fairs in churches throughout Baja Sur for at least three very good reasons: (#1) People who may not have much money are given free medial consultations and if needed free medicine to help with whatever is ailing them. People are able to have their teeth cleaned, a tooth filled, or have a tooth pulled by a very good dentist. People are given free reading and/or distance glasses. Some people, who did not know before, discover at our Health Fairs that they have diabetes, and learn what they now need to do…
(#2) From the time people come until they leave, they experience “the impressionable love of Jesus” from our Team and the people of the church we’re in – a love many have never experience before. People are asked, do you have any problems I can pray with you about? And all of the people receive a Gospel of John and an Invitation to return to this church. People are introduced to “the message of salvation” and there are always people who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. (#3) The Christians in the church learn how to talk to people about Jesus Christ, and they become “fishers of men.”

Also when a child receives a knitted hat to keep them warm or a child learns how to brush their teeth, they too experience the ‘love of Jesus’ and hear the message of salvation’.

If you would like to join us sometime and be a part of one of these Weekends of Health Fairs, we would encourage you to send us an email. (You do not have to speak Spanish.) You could even come and stay in Loreto for a few days. If you are not able to come, please keep us in your prayers, and if you’re able to help financially support this wonderful ministry, that too would be very much appreciated! So thank you for helping to make all of this happen. We praise the Lord for your partnership!