This is now the third year (in January) that we have enjoyed having with us twelve students from Messiah College in Pennsylvania. They were here in Loreto taking a three-week course with their College on International Development, led by their professor Dr. Connie Ostwald. They all lived at our home/ministry center, had classes there and sent out into the community and the surrounding areas to put into practice what they were learning in class… (Read the ‘whole Report’ for greater detail on what all they did…) These students also participated in our Health Fairs this month as another practical aspect of their course.

What a joy it has been to have had this opportunity to have input into these student’s lives, knowing they will use these three weeks to formulate what they will do the rest of their lives.

Our Health Fairs this month were in one of the new areas of Loreto, where there are not many homes yet, so we anticipated that there would not be many people in attendance. But we went anyways to this small church, to encourage them and to help them reach out particularly to there friends, neighbors and co-workers. And even though there were fewer people who came, as compared to other months, we still had three men who had never been to their church before, accept Christ as Savior – and the Pastor reported to us on the Monday, January 26 that these men came to their church the Sunday following the Health Fair and gave their testimonies in front of the church. Praise the Lord!

Thank you again for praying for us and for the various ministries we are involved in…

What a privilege it is to be involved in these wonderful ministries! Thank you again for your partnership!