What a joy it was to work with the First Baptist Church in La Paz once again. This church has been established for many years, but they are busy planting more churches – so this month we were in one of the newer neighborhoods of La Paz… And each day they sent over 40 workers from the home church to help us. It was so wonderful to see the way they took on all the responsibilities – very encouraging!

We were also privileged to have Monica Avina fly down from Alta Loma, California to help us this past weekend.

Another encouragement was to see a few new faces at the church service that followed our Health Fairs on Sunday night – people who had been introduced to this church, and who had been impressed with the love of Christ shown to them, during our Health Fairs this weekend…

At each of our Health Fairs we give everyone a Gospel of John and make available free of charge, New Testaments and Bibles. We also we buy and then sell at reduced prices: Study Bibles, correspondence course materials, special Children’s Bibles, and other Christian books… And this month our Bible and book table was very popular! We’ve never sold as many Study Bibles at any other Health Fair. (How exciting it was to talk and pray with people who are wanting to walk closer with our Lord…)

If you would like to join us sometime and be a part of one of our Weekend’s of Health Fairs, we would encourage you to send us an email. (You don’t have to speak Spanish.) You could even come to Loreto and enjoy a few wonderful days of vacation before or after our Health Fairs…

If you’re not able to come and help us, please keep us in your prayers…, and also if you are able to help financially support this wonderful ministry, that too would be very much appreciated!

Thank you so much again for helping to make all of this happen. We do praise the Lord, for your partnership!