April, 2016 – Weekender Team Report

This month we were at a church we’d not taken our Health Fairs to before. It’s in a new area of Constitución and is pastored by ‘Jesus Salinas’ – we call him Chuye. He’s been there for several years, and worked hard for the Lord – in Constitución and in other areas of the Baja. I first met Pastor Chuye in Loreto – there was a Christian musical group in town holding an Outreach Event at the waterfront and they needed a generator. So I took ours from our dental trailer, and supplied them electricity for the evening.

We were blessed to be a part of this church this past week. But to be honest, when we first went to this church and saw the dirt all around, the uncleanliness of the people, and the state of the bathrooms, etc., we had some doubts. But when Pastor Chuye opened his mouth and sang…, and then when we saw the people coming…, we put our misgivings behind us – and had a really wonderful weekend! They served us food from their primitive kitchen and we did not get sick. In fact we enjoyed loving them, and being loved by them! And we enjoyed serving the Lord with them; and seeing many people blessed physically and spiritually as a result.

We are encouraged from all of this, and we hope you are too! Thank you so much again for helping to make all of this happen. We do praise the Lord, for your partnership – for your prayers and your financial help.