Loreto WEEKENDER TEAM — January 15-18, 2016


January, 2016 – Weekender Team Report

This month we held our Health Fairs in one of the newest areas of Loreto. Many of the people in this part of the city are unemployed and therefore are not able to afford much. Thankfully though, there are new evangelical churches starting in this part of town – so we decided this month to support the newest Baptist Church in Loreto…

We had a really wonderful weekend! Oh there were a couple of setbacks – for example, we again were not able to have a doctor at the Health Fairs this weekend… Well we did have a doctor say she could come, but then her employer changed her work schedule at the last moment and that then prevented her from being able to come.. In any case we were still able to offer free dentistry and glasses, etc. so the program went on anyway without a doctor, and everyone understood…

One of the greatest encouragements for every-one this weekend was to see the Pastor who really doesn’t have much in the way of physical things, show his joy of the Lord and his passion for the people!  What a great example he was for us all!

Another joy for us this month was to have six people from the new English Church in Loreto that we have started, join us to help in various ways at the Health Fairs this weekend.

Also! For 18 days this January we’ve had as in previous years, 12 students from Messiah College in Pennsylvania living with us. We enjoy having them at our home/ministry center, and it’s been wonderful to again have concentrated input into the lives of 12 students – especially because they are interested in possibly becoming involved in international business one day, or becoming part of some cross-cultural ministry — this is the focus of this course that is being put on at our home by Dr. Connie Ostwald of Messiah College.

Please continue to pray that our Health Fairs in various communities, as well as in the Prison, will continue to attract and be a real blessing to so many people…

Thank you again for all your prayers and for your financial support, which help to make this all happen. We praise the Lord for your partnership!

Don & Lorraine Karsgaard