March, 2016 – Weekender Team Report



Two years ago we had been in Insurgentes at the church that Odi is a member of, and it was then that Odi shared her story with me about how she became a Christian – you may remember us sharing with you… Odi explained, “It began with a car accident just south of San Quintin when I was travelling with a friend and we had a bad car accident so

we were taken to one of the local hospitals..”  Odi went on, “We were all cared for with a love like I had never experienced before. A man even flew my friend to San Diego for more medical help; and at no cost to us…! But before they left the pilot took time to explain God’s love for us…, and then he helped me pray the sinner’s prayer…”  Odi continued saying, “But I don’t remember the names of the hospital, the doctor or the pilot.”  So I asked Odi when this car accident happen, and she said it was back in the summer of 1999.

I then surprised her by telling her, “This all happened at the Hospital Buen Pastor…, the doctor’s name was Dr. Gonzales, and the pilot’s name was Joe Vaine…” Then Odi in shock interrupted me saying, “You’re right! But how do you know all this?”  I then told her that I had been living at Hospital Buen Pastor at that time, leading teams from the USA and Canada; and that I remembered being one of the people who had helped load her friend into the plane, and that I also had been praying for her as Joe had been explaining the way of salvation to her.

After we had shared all of this with each other, Odi broke down with tears saying, “And here we are now – you and me serving the Lord together …And you were there from the very beginning for me…” Now it is two years later, and the Lord is bringing us together again in service for Him – and we’re excited to see just how wonderful the plan of the Lord is for us and for this great ministry of helping people with both their physical and spiritual needs. This time was no exception. We had a great team of workers and volunteers; and many people were impressed with the love of God and received the message of salvation.