WEEKENDER TEAM — November 25-28, 2016


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We have two situations to share with you in particular this month. First is about a man who had been mistreated by the local medical system – he had been complaining several times to the government dentist about his suffering from what he described as a toothache, or possibly some other problem he was having in his jaw. They looked at his teeth and saw nothing obvious, so they concluded that the man was deranged, and therefore would not give him any help. Not only was this man in terrible physical pain he was now suffering emotionally from the way he had been treated. So our dentist Yxchel examined his teeth and without even an x-ray she saw the cavity. She said it was indeed difficult to see, but after a careful and probing look she found it. The tooth could not be saved, so she pulled it and gave the man some antibiotics. The man left with some pain in his jaw, but very happy he had been cared for by a loving dentist at the church we were at this weekend. We were so glad to be able to share the love of Jesus with this man, and we trust he will now be open to receiving the message of salvation. Please pray with us that he will read the Gospel of John he was given, and possibly return to this church – knowing that this is where love and acceptance can be found…

The second situation is also exciting. It involves a man that we met and helped many years ago…, then his daughter died.  The story goes on as he makes his way back to God with an important step being accomplished this weekend.  Please read the full report to get all the details.

How wonderful it is to see the Lord at work in people’s lives – people struggling with all that life throws at them. But then Christians are being brought into their lives to share with them the love of Jesus, and the message of salvation. We are so glad to be a part of this story in the lives of many people here, in and around Loreto.

Please keep praying for this wonderful ministry, because many people are being blessed physically and spiritually. Also, if you are able to financially support us in some way that would be very much appreciated – small and large gifts working together to make this all happen. Thank you for your partnership!