A significant event on our past trip to serve in the villages outside of Palenque, was the opportunity to visit people who were not strong enough to come to the church where we were providing medical care. One of the days, a brother from the church led a small group from our medical team to an area of homes way up on a hill. He wanted us to visit a man from the church who was dying from cancer. When we entered the home, the family was so relieved to know they were not alone in caring for their father. While the man was medicated and not in pain, the family felt helpless and wanted to do something more for him in his last days. We were able to make some “suero oral” (a rehydration mixture) with purified water we had brought and items from their kitchen: lemon, sugar, and salt. The family was then able to give him a little at a time. Before our team left, we asked the gentleman if we could pray for him. He was so grateful, he even tried to get up to shake our hands! As we headed down the hill, we were able to visit three other families with very sick family members who needed both a doctor’s touch and God’s love through prayer.

Medical Consults: 250
Glasses: 149
Foot care: 110
Children’s ministries: 300 (Gospel shared)
Received Christ: 10
Prayed for: 40

Report by:
Jan Crews