WOW! What an awesome summer of ministry! Our teams partnered with the Angels to share Jesus in San Vicente, Ensenada, and with some of the farm laborers who come to our area for work each season. Some of our team leaders commented about how much the Angels have advanced in their ability to use a variety of new ways to share about Jesus. This something we have worked very hard to do the past few years and very exciting to see that training being used.

One of the most exciting areas of ministry for us has been to see the nationals take more responsibility for ministry and reaching their own people for Jesus Christ. The Angels have made tremendous progress in this area. These young people continue to lead not only other youth but also the entire local church to a stronger personal relationship with God.

Lynne and I want to thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support. God is using each of you as you partner with us to assist the church and people of San Vicente to take the leadership of providing the leadership, biblical education, training and experience to lead their churches to even greater effectiveness.

Attached is our latest newsletter to assist you in praying for us and providing information so you know what we are doing to assist and train the local church. God bless you!

The true character of a man is revealed by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.
Dave & Lynne Johnson

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