Having a strong support base is so rewarding and valuable. Recently we have been communicating with some friends who are missions and struggling to maintain their ministry. As we have endeavored to encourage them it reminded us of what an awesome set of partners we have who are faithfully praying for us and the ministry in San Vicente. Thank you so much and may we encourage you to continue to pray for us. Without question it is your prayers which make the ministry successful here in San Vicente.

Recently we found that the Angels (our youth ministry team) have began their own outreach in addition to what they do with us and the local church. They youth decided they wanted to go to Ensenada every other Friday and pray for people who are waiting in line (some wait all night) to see a medical professional. They youth are preparing at least 120 burritos to give away, have given blankets to those in need and even given their own coats. What an amazing thing to see the youth we have discipled have a vision to share Jesus and then on their own go and make it happen. Lynne and I are thrilled.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, notes of encouragement and support. Without you we could not be in San Vicente serving God is this capacity. We have attached our latest newsletter to assist you in knowing what we are doing and how you can pray for us.

You are appreciated!

Jesus was the greatest leader because he was the greatest servant
Dave & Lynne Johnson

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