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Bonnie Barajas

missionary_Bonnie 100Since I was little I have always felt the calling of God in my life to become a missionary but often wondered how that would be since I was already a Missionary PK. Through the years I have felt God impressing upon me to do something with my education. In about the middle of high school, I started to consider studying law or dentistry. I opted to study law for a year and a half. I started to notice much corruption and even threats to ladies that would not do as asked, as well as many bribes to do what was the opposite of what I believed was right. After I realized that, it didn’t take much longer for me to decide that this was not what I wanted for my future.

So I stopped studying law and went into dentistry. I started to realize that with this great tool I could be a blessing to many people. I believe God started to show me how I could accomplish that which he had put in my spirit and I had felt many years ago. I have found that dentistry, which I enjoy, would be a great opportunity to connect me to people and allow me to present the gospel to them.

Mexican Medical’s vision is to bring healing & hope to the people of Mexico, and my desire to serve ties into this powerful statement. During my time in dental school, I have had the opportunity to participate in several health fairs, where I have seen people get the medical attention they needed, even in some cases people who had never been to a dentist. However, the most amazing part is to see the evangelism tent and hear at the end of the day how many people came to Christ. I have also had the opportunity to see people who came to Christ at the health fairs and are now faithful and actively serving with the local church. I see how medical and dental outreaches can have such an impact in God’s Kingdom, opening a door for evangelism and the opportunity to minister to people’s personal spiritual needs and guide them into the acceptance of Christ.

As I continue to increase my skills and knowledge through dental school, I look forward to seeing how the Lord will use me, in the coming years.

I am honored to serve in such a vibrant ministry, sharing the love of Christ and winning souls for his Kingdom.

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