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Please keep the Tijuana medical outreach in your prayers Nov. 13-14...and also the Hope Church team at La Esperanza Nov. 15-20.. 244 adults prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior at the August Tijuana Medical Outreach... 175 children heard the Good News of Jesus also...
Praising God for Palenque Outreach
A significant event on our past trip to serve in the villages outside of Palenque, was the opportunity to visit people who were not strong enough to come to the church where we were providing medical care. One of the days, a brother from the church led a small group from our medical team to an area of homes way up on a hill. He wanted us to visit a man from the church who was dying from cancer. When we entered the home, the family was so relieved to know they were not alone in caring for their father. While the man was medicated and not in pain, the family felt helpless and wanted to do something more for him in his last days.
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Juanito's Story: From Nayarit to San Quintin
Juanito is a young man Dave Johnson met in a Huichol village in Nayarit while on a men’s mission trip in October 2014. The men of San Vicente took an immediate liking to Juanito who was tongue tied. Dave was asked if he could find the medical people to repair this problem. Yes, he could. Mexican Medical arranged and paid for the surgery. On Friday, January 30 Juanito’s surgery at Hospital El Buen Pastor in San Quintin was a success! Thanks to missionary Allan Lee Juanito now has the Bible in his native language in audio form. Church members in San Vicente have taken Juanito into their homes and are helping him learn to speak.
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285 Volunteers Serve at Tecate Health Fair
The Lord brought together 85 U.S. volunteers! We joined with over 200 Mexican Christians representing 17 churches. Together we worked as a body, each one doing their job so that the whole group could give out 798 services (8 legal counsel, 106 haircuts, 196 medical and 183 dental consults, 264 eye glasses, and 41 foot care). Each one who came for care heard the Gospel clearly presented in their own language. 126 adults prayed to receive Christ for the first time. The cards with their contact information has been divided between the churches that participated with us so they can disciple these new believers.
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